Botanicals Cabinet

This little cabinet is assembled from reclaimed wood found along the San Francisco Bay shore. T&C Mouse loved the worn surfaces of the wood, and wondered if it might be the wreckage of some exotic adventure... 

The Botanicals Cabinet was made to fit 12 3.5 oz. jars. Outer dimensions are 14 1/2 " tall X 9" wide X 2 1/2" deep; knob protrudes 1". 

The cabinet door holds a reclaimed perforated bronze panel with a lovely patina. The 12 spaces inside each measure 3 1/8" tall X 2 1/2" wide X 2 7/8" deep., and are partially collaged with decorative paper & ephemera.


The Botanicals Cabinet has brass hinges and hook & loop closure.


The little cabinet has brass hinges and hook & loop closure.


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